Art History

Exciting presentations on Italian Art & History.

Rosa Di Grottole, who lived in the Medici city of Firenze for 10years, has sketched out a plan for your stroll through art and time with two series of Sundays classes.

The 1st series is “The Art Capitals of Italy”, Florence, Rome and Venice. Rosa presents this series as if you are walking alongside her inspecting the outdoor expositions and buildings and peek into the treasures hidden deep within the museum walls. Each day a different city will be explored.

Dates: June 4, 11 & 18th

Time: 3:00pm

Place: Italia In Ohio Office

Cost: $60.00

Sorry – closed!


The 2nd series of Sunday classes will be on Medici. Rosa has planned an in depth look into the history of art progressing from the medieval to the explosion of genius during the renaissance.

For more detail check out the blog on the series.

Dates: June 4, 11 & 18th
Time: 5:00pm
Place: Italia In Ohio Office