Notizie per 2017: Plan for the New Year!

Italia in Ohio will start 2017 with new experiences for lovers of Italian language and culture!

For language classes we have Beginner’s Italian Year 1 Session 1, meant for people who are starting from ground zero.?
We also will follow-up Year 1 session 1 that started in October with Session 2.
Year 2 Session 2 will bring those intermediate students even further along the road to fluency.
And Advanced Italian will continue to combine more sophisticated aspects of grammar with enhanced conversation and a better understanding of current Italian culture.

duomo-firenzeCombining aspects of both language and culture, Italia in Ohio will present a series of six lectures on Art in Italy.  We will travel within each region exploring the history, the politics, and the development of art in each.  Two 90 minute sessions will concentrate on Toscana, two on Lazio, and two on Veneto. Thereafter we will explore the treasures of Napoli, Palermo, and many more locations throughout Italy.  Our guide for these travels will be an Italian art expert Rosa Di Grottole – you will learn more about her incredible background in the coming weeks. 


In conjunction with the Wexner Center Center for the Arts there will be a series of Italian films that focus on the career of Italian film icon, Anna Magnani. This nine film retrospective offers a chance to see some of her greatest performances in films directed by such titans as Roberto Rossellini, Luchino Visconti, and Vittorio de Sica, most on new 35 mm prints. Details are being developed now.

And keep in mind that our study abroad program 2017 will include an optional trip to Sicilia with a native guide – our very own Samanta Buffa!

2017 will be an exciting year for Italia in Ohio – become an active participant and stay tuned for more details

Un diario migliora il tuo italiano!

According to this article, writing a daily journal help your sentence structure and fluidity of expression.

Read about it click the diary here:


Thanks to Giuseppe for the tip!

Our Study Abroad is World Ranked

The Italia in Ohio study abroad program in conjunction with Accademia Italiana Salerno is ranked among the top 5 in Italy for the fifth year in a row!  The Accademia presents a 100% immersion experience with classes conducted in Italian, teaching a diverse clientele from countries around the world.  Both classroom work and the excursions to historic and cultural sites in the region use the Italian language exclusively in a variety of settings, making the experience authentic and engaging. Read more of the Accademia’s accomplishments and consider joining Italia in Ohio  next June for Study Abroad 2017!

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Accademia Italiana Salerno