Our language course plan accommodates all levels of speaking ability! From those who are brand-new beginners, to those who learned a little Italian at home, and those who can hold a conversation! The classes size averages 15 students. This allows our courses to be engaging and highly participatory. Students will leave with practical knowledge of conversational Italian. Come prepared to enjoy the process of learning Italian by conversing with your classmates!

Payments may be made online through PayPal, or on the first day of class by check or in cash. We do not pro-rate for missed classes & No refunds.


Art History & Culture


Want to learn more about Italian art history and the monumental masterpieces that you could see not only in museums but on public streets in Rome, Venice Florence, Lucca, Siena, Pisa, and many more.  Each series of three classes will cover three cities.  The 3 city series will start at 1:00 to 2:30 on May 6, 13, and 20.

Sundays 1:00pm at Italia in Ohio conference room 9, Starting May 6th Session tuition $85


The Medici were an Italian banking family, political dynasty and later royal house that traces back to the 13th century and first began to gain prominence under Cosimo de’ Medici in the Republic of Florence during the first half of the 15th century. The family grew into the largest bank in Europe giving the family significant influence in business, politics, and religion. but unlike many such they used their wealth in a manner that has benefited the world for six centuries. The Medici series will start at 3:00pm on May 6, 13 and 20.

Sundays 3:00pm at Italia in Ohio, conference room 9, Starting May 6th Session tuition $85


il Primo Anno – The First Year!

This class is the perfect introduction to the Italian language. It is meant for the absolute beginner or for someone who years ago learned a bit in school or from aging relatives. You will learn to greet people in everyday settings, order in restaurants & shop, plus more. Vocabulary will be limited but flexible and applicable to many situations.

Each course meets once a week for 75 minutes for 10 week sessions.


Year 1 Course 2: Wednesdays 6:30pm @ Italia in Ohio room 9, starting April 18th. Session tuition $170

Year 1 Course 3: Tuesdays 6:45pm @ Italia In Ohio room 1, Apirl 17th. Session tuition $170

il Secondo Anno – The Second Year!

Italian (Year 2): Building on what you learned in Year 1 you will develop an even wider range of vocabulary, permitting you to discuss many aspects of life and to express your personal opinions. To the present tense you will add the much-used completed past, the passato prossimo. You will develop circumlocution as a technique to explain a concept with terms you know when the precise word is lacking in your vocabulary. Presentation will be 80% in Italian with a short Q&A in English at the end.

This course will meet for 90 minutes for 10 weeks. This is the second of Three consecutive 10 week sessions. Session tuition $185


Year 2 Course 3: Tuesdays 5:00pm at Italia In Ohio room 9, starting April 17th


IL Anno – The Third Year!

Italian (Year 3): You will expand your ability to hold conversations as well as expressing your likes and dislikes.  Your sentence structure will begin to include object and relative pronouns. A wide range of Italian topics will be included. Session tuition $200


Year 3 Course 3: Thursdays 6:30pm at Italia in Ohio Room 9, starting April 19th


E di più – Italian Advanced!

Three years of Italian will probably leave you hungry for even more. In the advanced classes we will explore the subtle nuances of tense and shadings of word meanings. Classes in these 5-week sessions will be, 90 minutes, and will combine grammar investigations with conversations and practical applications. Presentation will be 95%+ in Italian. Session tuition $90


Advanced Session: 1e: Tuesdays 6:30-8:00 at Italia In Ohio Room 9, starts March 27th

Italian for Travelers: 

Want to learn more about traveling in Italy?  Join us for Travelers Italian this April in a series of three classes covering language skills, navigating the roads and railways, shopping, and how to handle emergencies.

This course meets for three consecutive Sundays for 90 minutes. Session tuition $99