Prepare now for your trip to Italy

The Italia in Ohio “Travelers Italian” class starts in just 18 days! 
You will not want to miss this perfect preparation for your trip.

In just three classes you will learn simple Italian phrases to introduce yourself, to ask directions, to order a meal, and to buy tickets to museums and the bus/metro/railroad.  You will learn how to get Frecciarosafrom the many major airports of entry to the city centers, and how to get from there to points throughout the peninsula and beyond.

We’ll show you how to shop, convert American sizes to Italian, and get the colors you want.  If the weather is good (typically Italian) there are many historical outdoor sites to visit.  If you would rather wander indoors we’ll direct you to some of the world’s finest museums.  Hate standing in line? We’ll show you how to skip the lines and get on with your vacation.

Milano barAfter all that sightseeing you will be hungry, and where better to be hungry than in Italy?  What are the specialties in each region?  How are restaurant charges assessed? What to order for the typical 4 meals each day?  And what’s all the fuss about Italian coffee?  Or gelato?

What type of food might you expect in a ristorante, a trattoria, or an osteria?  When is a bar not a bar?  And do you order a bruschetta or a brushetta?  (There will be samples for tasting at class).

After these classes you will eat better, drink better, sleep better, shop better, interact with the citizens better, and have a much more rewarding trip.

Small classes – personal attention.

Click here to register and pay: TRAVELERS ITALIAN

Ci vediamo presto!      (See you soon!)

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